Assistant Guide Course information

Candidate Information

The candidate information booklet will be the best resource for anyone wishing to seek information on the SAREA program or the organisation itself. If the booklet doesn’t answer your question then please contact SAREA by email.

A summary page outlining the SAREA qualifications and how to achieve them, how to use them appropriately and how to maintain them.

A visual overview of the SAREA accreditation process for candidates.

Use this form when applying for any SAREA qualification programs.

SAREA Logbook

Use this logbook template to submit all hours and metres to SAREA. There are separate tabs for re-accreditation hours and supervised instructional hours. All climbs can be submitted for re-accreditation. The summary tab will collate the total from additional tabs within the logbook.

Assessment Tools

Guide and Instructor Recertification

Guide and Instructor recertification must be completed every three years, before June 30 in the relevant year. Please contact SAREA to obtain a Recertification form.

Assessor Expression of Interest Form

Life Member nominations

SAREA has a Life Member process for individuals who have given an outstanding contribution to the organisation over a prolonged period. We welcome nominations from any member, please use the form above and forward it to any board member.