SAREA Meetings

SAREA Assessor Panel and Board meetings are usually held bimonthly on the second Wednesday of the month, either online or in person at a central location.

The 2024 meetings are currently scheduled for the following dates:

  • Wed 10 April (Online)
  • Wed 12 June AGM (In person, Venue TBC)
  • Wed 07 August (Online)
  • Wed 09 October (Online)
  • Wed 11 December (Online)

Members are welcome at all Board meetings and are encouraged to attend the annual AGM. If you are a SAREA member and would like to attend a Board meeting, please get in-touch with SAREA.

Assistant Guide Training

Information about the Assistant Guide course can be found here: Assistant Guide Course 2024.

  • Course dates: 23rd and 24th March 2024

Contact SAREA to register or for further information.

Top Rope Guide and Instructor Training

All applications for the Top Rope Guide (TRG) and Instructor (TRI) program must be submitted to SAREA by 31st March.  
Start date for 2024 TRG course is 31st March 2024. All dates for the TRG training days and assessments are listed below:
  • 31st March 2024 – Course Commencement
  • 4th & 5th May 2024 – Practical Training Days
  • 9th &/or 10th November 2024 – Personal and Rescue Assessments
  • 7th &/or 8th December 2024 – Group Management Assessments

TRI assessment will be conducted upon special request from an existing TRG that wishes to progress to TRI.

Contact SAREA to register or for further information.

Multi Pitch Lead Guide and Instructor Training

See the Multi-Pitch Instructor Page for more information.

Additional Courses

If there is sufficient interest in any of the SAREA training courses, then those courses can be conducted on request for a minimum of 3 people. Please contact SAREA if you are interested.