About Us

Aims of SAREA

The South Australian Rock-climbing Education Association Inc. is a not-for-profit organisation established in the 1980’s to ensure safe practice and quality rock climbing instruction in South Australia. SAREA has a representative Board, and an Assessor and Advisory Panel.

The aims of the SAREA Board are:

  • – Standardise and advance rock-climbing education in South Australia.
  • – To formulate policies on safety standards and instructional qualifications for rock-climbing education.
  • – To facilitate and encourage training and assessment of rock-climbing instructors to the standards laid down by the Board
  • – To liaise with kindred associations, training establishments, and other organisations or institutions interested in rock-climbing instruction.
  • – To be able to act in an advisory capacity regarding the implementation of rock-climbing education programmes in South Australia.


The SAREA Board includes representatives from the following organisations:

  • – The Climbing Club of South Australia
  • – The Scout Association of Australia (S.A. Branch)
  • – Our Registered Training Organisation partner (currently TAFE)
  • – SAREA Advisors and Assessors Panel (coordinating assessor)
  • – University and Tertiary Education organisations
  • – South Australian Schools
  • – Commercial interests in South Australia
  • – SAREA instructors and guides

The board may, from time to time, nominate additional organisations to be included in this list, or may revoke the inclusion of any organisation.