Freelance Instructors and Guides

SAREA Freelance Guides and Instructors

Do you want to employ a SAREA climbing guide? This is an opt-in list of SAREA guides and instructors that are freelancing and may be available for work. Not all SAREA guides choose to be on this list.

Match the type of work you have against the table below:

Guide clients in top-roping, belaying, climbing and single pitch abseiling.XXX
Instruct clients to become independent in setting up ropes for climbing and abseiling.
Guide clients on single pitch lead climbs.
Under the supervision of and at the discretion of a Multi-pitch Lead Climbing Instructor, guide clients on multi pitch climbs.
Guide clients on multi pitch lead climbs
Instruct lead climbing

Multi Pitch Lead Climbing Instructors (MPI)

This is the top qualification SAREA offers and represents the highest level of experience and skills.

Chris St Jack0400 269 276email Chris
Daniel Coletti0421 393 520email Dan
Darren Williams0408 824 801email Darren
Jamie Buxton Stewart0415 207 098email Jamie
Jarrad Searcy0438 852 402email Jarrad
Justin Farrell0423 513 411email Justin
Mick Wells0449837146email Mick
Rob Baker0439893486email Rob
Sally Smith0434 499 830email Sally
Tim Gill0421 996 747email Tim
Tyson Gilbert0419 838 844email Tyson
Dave Sinclair0427975046email Dave
Gordon Begg0428974759email Gordon
Simon Mulvihill0402 971 215email Simon
Chad Freak0427712825email Chad

Top Rope Instructors (TRI)

This qualification represents a high level of experience and skills.

Doreen (Dee) Marchesan0432 799 272email Dee
Beau Gora0422 989 353email Beau
Freddy Dyer0419 108 688email Freddy
Joss Rankin0402 714 798email Joss
Wally Olenich0417 808 169email Wally
Peter Willis0431670059Email Peter
Trent Searcy0400 340 278Email Trent
Elvira Elix0410625740Email Elvira
Daphne Tripodi0425 836 536Email Daphne
Dan Ferguson0414302858email Dan
Simon Goodwin0427949555email Simon
Aiden Schultz0488788538email Aiden
Gus Simpson0475405109email Gus
Sam Addis0422120550email Sam
Sam Fryer0499270563email Sam
Tiffany Martini0468486621email Tiff

Top Rope Guides (TRG)

This is SAREA’s entry level qualification.

Darren Thompson0413 690 967email Darren
Geoffrey Goh0423 762 015email Geoffrey
Tom Hardy0423 584 729email Tom
Nick Rice0414 972 467email Nick
Luke Vianello0423762015email Luke
Sam Waddington0416446585email Sam
Alicia Anson0488136518email Alicia
Alex Macadam0448839250email Alex
Bowen Martin0400321489email Bowen
Billy Allotey0411828134email Billy
Bec Rice0439798903email Bec
Russell Denton0416771908email Russell
Charley Newton0481554474email Charley
Mark Foyle0439204896email Mark
Rob Watson0460818013email Rob
Matt Robinson0433015670email Matt
Luke Chaffey0490083816email Luke

Assistant Guides (AG)

This award recognizes basic knowledge and skills. The holder may, under the supervision and at the discretion of a SAREA Guide or Instructor, assist them in a single pitch environment. The award is a recognition of competency at the time and has no expiry date.

Adam Terry0420 314 724email Adam
Chelsea Hooton0448 206 848email Chelsea
Crystal Pope0425 635 224email Crystal
Fraser Darcy0421 866 281email Fraser
Jared Oliver0447 156 545email Jared
Tom Busch0430 485 229email Tom
Rosie Smith0411833424email Rosie
Jed de Ruyter?email Jed
Charlotte Bond0412294282email Charlotte
Patrick Leadbeateremail Patrick
Dayna Wilkinsemail Dayna
Morgan Petty0438030479email Morgan
Heather Buttonemail Heather

Want to be on this list?

If you are a current SAREA Guide or Instructor and want to be on this list please contact us –

Last updated: Nov 2020