Question: I want to learn to rockclimb, who should I call?
Answer: There are several organisations in South Australia that can help you learn to climb. Some options include* Adventure Systems, Rock Solid Adventure, Scouts, Vertical Reality Climbing Gym and Wilderness Escape.

If you are a uni student, ask if your uni has a climbing or mountaineering club (eg UniSA Climbing Club or Adelaide University Mountain Club).

Question: My SAREA qualification has lapsed, how can I renew the qualification?
Answer: If your qualification has lapsed for less than 6 months you can re-accredit for the standard fee of $150.00.
If it has lapsed longer than 6 months then you are required to sit one four – five hour assessment. The assessment will cost $350.00.
If you require an extension to submitting relevant information for re-accreditation then it is important you contact SAREA.

Question: I have a Top Rope Guide award, how do I progress to the next level?
Answer: Refer to the SAREA Qualification Matrix. You can progress to Top Rope Instructor once you have completed the required pre-requisites. There is a cost of $350.00 for the one assessment. A good option is to progress just before re-accreditation is due as this avoids paying the re-accreditation fee. Contact SAREA for further information.

Question: I have a different climbing qualification; can I get recognition of prior learning (RPL)?
Answer: Yes you can get RPL. However you are required to sit one five-hour bridging assessment encompassing the assessments relevant to the qualification desired. The cost is $350.00.

Question: When do courses start? How often are courses run?
Answer: SAREA generally has one intake per year, however courses can be offered when demand is sufficient. Courses generally start around June and finish about 6 months later. Participants need to register their interest prior to the commencement date. Visit the SAREA website to download relevant documents such as the Candidate Application Form and SAREA Logbook.

Question: What is the cost of the SAREA course?
Answer: The course fee is $1100.00 for the top rope guide qualification. This covers two training days, three assessments, theory sessions and a textbook. The top rope instructor qualification costs $350.00 and the multi pitch instructor course costs $800.00.

Question: How many climbing meters and assistant instructional hours are required to meet the relevant SAREA qualification?
Answer: Visit the SAREA website and view the SAREA Qualification Matrix.

*if you believe your organisation should be included in this list, please contact SAREA and let us know.